FireFox Forensics

FireFox Forensics 2.3

FireFox Forensics (F3) is a new Mozilla Firefox profile analysis tool (See all)
Machor Software

FireFox Forensics (F3) is a new Mozilla Firefox profile analysis tool. This will alow you to simply point at the folder and gather the data. The information is right there and ready to work with. FireFox Forensics is a Mozilla Firefox forensic utility. This program has been designed to do a complete analysis of Firefox 2 and 3 profiles. All you have to do is extract the profile from an image and load it into F3. This will bring back all of the pertinant information that is found in a user profile. Such items include: Cookies, Downloads, FormHistory, Permissions, History, Bookmarks, Search, Compatibility, Extensions, User Preferences, Custom Preferences, and User Dictionary. All records are full exportable in either HTML or CSV exports. There is the ability to search records for a keyword or key phrase. There are many new options that are not yet implimented into Win Forensic Analysis, but are on the way. I sugest you give this a try (trial is free) and I believe you will see that it is one of the best.

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